Ken Tracy wins Prestigious Scholarship

Last month CallScripter’s Technical Director, Ken Tracy, won a scholarship to the Kellogg School of Management. The school runs a course on the Fundamentals of Success in the US Market designed for senior-level managers of organisations operating or planning to operate in the US.

Ken was then selected to attend the week-long course at the Chicago campus. The course provides an insight into a wide range of topics designed to give managers a fundamental knowledge of how to pursue the US market from a variety of perspectives. Kellogg lists the main advantages of the course as follows:

  • Develop a sense of the economic, legal and regulatory environment of the United States
  • Become familiar with negotiation styles and practices unique to the United States
  • Understand the importance of branding and how to craft a compelling brand message for the U.S. market
  • Gain practical insight from the real-life success stories of other companies that have also entered the U.S. market
  • Learn how to use social and other digital media to market your business effectively in the United States

CallScripter has been operating in the US for some years. Courses such as this give UK executives the chance to engage with US-based professionals to remain up to date on best practices. These opportunities are invaluable to CallScripter and its individuals in the progression of the company.

‘I have increased my knowledge of all aspects of the organisation and how each area can be optimised to operate successfully in the US market,’ says Ken. ‘This experience has given me a deeper understanding of the functions of the business, and I am looking forward to implementing new strategies to take CallScripter to the next level.’